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Wrexham's got the Power to fight climate change!

If you want to fight climate change and save some money at the same time... you've come to the right place. We're asking everyone in Wrexham to make a pledge to reduce their energy use, and you can do that right here.

We can all be climate heroes. Come on Wrexham. Let's show the rest how it's done.

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Our pledgers

Right now, the people of Wrexham are pledging to take action to reduce their energy use. Here are some of the pledgers…

  • Lynn Jones Lynn Jones

    Install renewable technologies in my home - bronze level

Our latest pledgers

Stuart Valentine

Stuart Valentine

Streetscene Operative

I pledge to wrap up for winter before turning up the heating

Victoria Picken

Victoria Picken

Environmental Health Officer

I pledge to turn off lights in empty rooms

Eleanor Staple

Eleanor Staple

Library Assistant

I pledge to recycle as much as possible at work and at home